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We have been the pioneer and world leader in indoor location for the latest 10 years, providing indoor location solutions for your mobile location based services.

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Worldwide coverage

Reliable partner, more than 8 million worldwide footprints by Pole Star in 25 countries with international customers and partners of any sector.

Ps_bullet 400 buildings
Ps_bullet 25 countries
Ps_bullet More than 8 million sq.m covered indoor

Indoor location is faster and easier than ever

Indoor positioning

Multi-platform, quick to set up, and extremely competitively priced, NAO Campus® embedded in any mobile application powers a wide range of innovative location based services. NAO Campus® guarantees the highest performing, most cost-effective service

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Proximity detection

NAO Micro, our proximity detection SDK allows to check when a user is in a place, a specific area or close to interested point. NAO Micro implementation is fast and easy from our platform.

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BlueSpot beacons

Pioneer and leader on beacons market, the first Pole Star’s beacon is born in Palo Alto in the heart of the Silicon Valley, in early 2012.

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